Gusinje Foundation is celebrating 18 years of devotion and duty toward our community and looking forward to opening a community center for all to enjoy.

With the donations collected tonight we will continue to work toward preserving our heritage and culture, promoting and inspiring a positive image and legacy, while strengthening the ties that bind one generation to the next, to create stronger relationships within our multi-cultural society.

Community centers create a sense of community pride and unity, breaking down barriers, bridging gaps and bringing the community together.

“Be the foundation the future needs. “

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Art and music casses with the perfect environment for kids to explore their creative side.

Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just learning, swim programs buikd endurance and are fun for the whole family.

Too oall” programs leach kads the fich tradilion and heritage of Montenegrin soccer.

Cooking classes are a fantastic way to introduce kids to the world of food and leoch them important life

Learn traditional folk dances that originated in Balkan

Workout to help you recover from an injury or to challenge yourself. Group fitness classes cater to all your finess noods.

Language claases are a powerful tool that connect us with the people and culure from back home.

Basketball is fun for kids and adults of all oges, providing a great way to slay active and bond with loved ones

A summer program designed to keep your kid healthy, happy, and energized throughout the summer months.

Network and socialize wih others in a comfortable yet professional atmosphere.